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that spot normally used during nfl highlights but we have no nfl highlights. >> that was a chihuahua. don't mess with the chihuahua. >> put down the headlines. >> no, i have the headlines. i am alisyn in today. great to be with you guys. let's start with a fox news alert, shall we? because an air traffic controller under federal investigation at this hour accused of being very drunk on the job. sources say the veteran controller had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. six hours into his shift. >> what? >> controller worked out of longmont, colorado and responsible for keeping an eye on planes flying over nine separate states. the controller is now in rehab. if he completes treatment, he could be back on his job in no time. we're told. and tragedy rocks the quiet neighborhood in medford, oregon. a family is murdered and their own father is the prime suspect. police say the 51-year-old stabbed his wife and four young children to death and then set
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their house on fire. he was rescued by police and is in critical condition. no word yet on a motive but neighbors say the couple fought a lot. the heat is turning tragic in the midwest. as many as 13 deaths being tied to the weather. right now, 18 states are under heat warnings, watches or advisories, and check this out. this picture from oklahoma. triple digit temperatures there causing the asphalt to buckle at a major intersection. shuttle atlantis beginning its final journey home. >> separation, houston. >> houston, copy. >> undocking confirmed. >> the shuttle undocking earlier from the international space station. it flew around the space station a few times in a final tribute and snapped some pictures. later this hour, crews will inspect the shuttle's heat shield. the final shuttle mission is scheduled to land on thursday morning right before 6:00 a.m. and you will see it live right here on "fox & friends." we will be up early that day to
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witness this momentous occasion. >> history. >> i've agreed to get up early but i'll be wearing my robe until the 6:00 hour. >> ok, hugh heffner. that's the deal i worked out. you guys can do whatever you want. >> i've sat across from you for close to 15 years. now you're telling me you're too lazy to put on clothes. >> that's exactly it. i'm trying to make a stand here and it's the last time for the space shuttle. let's break down cut, cap and balance because that's what's up for a vote right now, breaking into three, steve, start us off. >> you know there's something going on in washington but seems kind of complicated so we're going to make it as simple as possible. when it comes to the cut part, what they're talking about right now, this proposal that they're going to consider today in the house is it would require the congress going forward to cut $111 billion from the budget next year. all right, that's the cut part. now the cap part. >> can i just make it simpler?
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it's a balanced budget amendment. that's the third part. that's the third. >> the point is for the next 10 years, congress would have to balance the budget. it makes sense. >> boo-hoo! >> it makes perfect sense but democrats don't like this and say that they're not going to vote for it and in fact, the president says he's going to veto it basically maybe because it's a republican idea or maybe because they think it would tie their hands and they wouldn't be able to have the latitude. >> the second part is what i like and i think it's -- >> the cap part? >> it's work because the thinking happened to me with the nfl. for example, couldn't get a balanced team because certain guys had more money and they couldn't control all their spending. they put spending caps in. the owners of the nfl team said we can't control ourselves. the congress says we know we spend too much. the republicans are saying cap it. put the future caps in place that would prevent us from spending too much so they could turn around the constituents or
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anything else and say look, there's no more money there. >> right. but the proposal -- there are a number of proposals out there but currently, we're spending about 24% of gdp under the republicans' plan, the paul ryan plan, it would be capped at 18% of gdp so you've got the cut, cut $111 billion. you've got the cap, cap at 18% gdp and then you've got the balance. the balanced budget amendment which ali detailed that would require a 2/3 super majority in congress to approve any future tax hikes. >> we have two weeks to do it. no problem. >> lots of people say it's an exercise in futility because it may pass the house, negotiation
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shown it's too great. >> you have b
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>> it's pie in the sky and not going anywhere and it's not going to be looked on by the media which aren't on the republican side anyway and not by the public as any kind of responsible proposal at this point. >> uh-huh. >> so meanwhile, let's see how the americans -- how americans are feeling about who is winning this debt debate. is it the republicans or is it the democrats? there have been other previous polls that have suggested that if the debt deal doesn't pass the republicans would be held more responsible for whatever reason that the white house is winning the game of spin, so cbs news yesterday released a sort of stunning poll which they found that sure, the president would be held responsible, 48% disapprove of the way he's handling it but 71% of respondents say it's actually the g.o.p. that they would hold responsible and they disapprove of how the g.o.p. is handling this.
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>> and you're exactly right, ali. it is a stunning poll because cbs did it and rather than talk to likely voters which they did not do, or registered voters, they simply talked to adults which is extraordinary. if you're going to talk to somebody about stuff that involves politics, talk to likely voters. they didn't do that. it's cbs, part of the mainstream media. anyway, it's part of the narrative that bernie goldberg says they are building to prop up this president. >> the story line is simply this. barack obama is the reasonable one. he is the one who is responsible fiscally responsible. the republicans on the other hand are not responsible and the only two words they know are no taxes. ok? this narrative, this story line wasn't created by the media. barack obama painted that picture of himself and his pals in the media predictably picked it up and just ran with it. never mind that in the past two
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years, barack obama has spent money like imelda marcos in a shoe store. >> here's the thing with the president, he's had three press conferences in probably 10 days and they seem to be effective and every time he used the cartoon like analogies like should we give tax breaks to corporate jet owners and -- >> warren buffet is upset about that. >> and millionaires and billionaires and pay that fair share. they're paying the majority of the taxes in the entire nation, they should have to pay more, it seems to be resonating to a certain amount of population. if you ask any person, are you for your neighbor who has a bigger house than you to pay more taxes? most people say that sounds good to me. i'll sacrifice my neighbor paying more. >> if i don't have to do it. 51% of americans do not pay federal income tax. they pay, you know, payroll tax, sales tax, stuff like that but they do not pay federal tax! >> here's what's not resonating, apparently, with many americans and voters and
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that is the doomsday date of august 2nd. do you remember that the administration and the white house has said that it will be catastrophic if the debt deal is not reached by august 2nd because we could go into default? for whatever reason, the pugh research and "washington post" found that americans do not really believe that august 2nd is a hard and fast deadline. 53% of republicans say it's not essential to meet that deadline. 28% of democrats say it's not essential to meet that deadline. 43% of independents. >> and it's that last number right there. the independents that has got to horrify the white house because they're trying to gin this up as it's the end of the world, go off the cliff thelma and louise style but 43% of independents say what's the big deal? >> what's the pugh research? they only talk to 764 people. >> they did it all yesterday afternoon. >> by the way, we have a panel of independent voters coming up to see how they're feeling about the debt ceiling debate because
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obviously, they are the coveted group. >> that panel, 765. >> all right. >> a little bit bigger. >> we go to a panel of one. steve winn is the ceo of winn resorts. they have those casinos and stuff like that in vegas. he was on a conference call with investors and investment banks yesterday and he really let the president of the united states have it. we've got some quotes from the conference call. he says, here you go. "i'm saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business and progress and job creation in my lifetime. and i can prove it and i can spend the next three hours giving you examples of all of us in this marketplace that are frightened to death about all the new regulations, our health care costs escalate, regulations coming from left and right with a president that keeps using that word "redistribution." >> obviously, he's very interesting to listen to because
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he's a very successful businessman. he's a millionaire and employs thousands of people so he has his finger on the pulse of how this administration is affecting business. he went on to say, those of us who have business opportunities and the capital to do it are going to sit in fear of the president. and a lot of people don't want to say that. they'll say god, don't be attacking obama. this is obama's deal and it's obama that's responsible for this fear in america. >> but, his stats on his companies are fantastic. he's had an unbelievable year. they said they made more in six months than they did all of last year, made $447 million in this quarter alone. 59% better than a year ago. >> so you would think that he would be very positive with his -- >> could be bigger. >> given the business atmosphere going forward, he's not so happy about this particular president. >> yeah, it sounds like that he's saying he has more money to spend and he would hire more people if he's not scared of what's going to happen with health care and taxes, etc. >> let's double down. lots more show to go.
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>> ok, cool. >> ahead, an old fashioned who's done it in one of america's richest neighborhoods. a powerful ceo's son is dead and his girlfriend is found hanging from a balcony. up next, was it murder? >> then, he may be tiny but he's tough as nails. see how this chihuahua fights off the bad boys.
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>> police in california say forensics results will shed more light on the mysterious deaths of a pharmaceutical executive's of 6-year-old son and his
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girlfriend. the boy died sunday after flying down a flight of stairs and the next day, his girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony in the same mansion. >> her hands and feet were bound so where do the clues point? joining us is former homicide investigator and fox news crime analyst rod wheeler and investigative crime profiler pat brown. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> both of you think it seems a little suspicious. let's start with the little boy falling down the stairs. pat? >> well, generally speaking, little boys don't fall downstairs and die. that's one incident that should raise the eyebrows especially with the second incident on top of it. >> i want to talk about the mysterious way in which the girlfriend was found. she was found hanging from a balcony reportedly with her hands and feet bound. have you ever heard of a suicide like that? >> well, let me tell you, in many years of investigating homicides and suicides, what i can tell you, alisyn, is there's
6:17 am
two instances in which we've seen cases like that and what they are real quickly is this. one, we've seen people that's been bound like that and then appear to be hanging when it's actually a homicide and somebody is trying to cover it up. but what the bad guy doesn't know is there's a lot of things that we can determine from the autopsy which the first -- the way the person died that will quickly tell us whether or not it's a homicide or a hanging. and what is that? we can look at the autopsy report and we can look at the markings on the inside of the neck. not necessarily the outside of the neck. and that will tell us whether or not that person was strangled or whether or not that person was hung. so i can tell you in this case that i believe that this woman was definitely murdered. >> now, pat, there's a story out there that apparently the girlfriend who is dead, she was in charge of watching the boy the day he fell down the stairs reportedly. and was so upset that could explain whether or not she committed suicide. do you buy that? >> not really. i'd really like to know about this man's alibi for both of
6:18 am
these particular points of time and even if she was in charge of the boy, something happened to him, i'm with rod there. this is not looking like a suicide. first of all, women don't usually jump off the balconies naked. it's not where they like to be found. it's not necessary to bind your hand and feet if you're going to throw yourself off a balcony. it absolutely looks like a homicide to me and they have to find out what happened to that little boy and whether that man was around when both of these incidents occurred. >> and rod, as you know, the girlfriend was found by this ceo's brother. what makes you feel so unequivocably that this was a murder? >> well, let me tell you, this guy adam is the ceo's brother. let me tell you, adam has placed himself on the scene of the woman who was found supposedly hanging so we know he was there. here's the other question, alisyn, where was adam the morning in which the 6-year-old kid fell down the stairs? if you notice, nobody has said anything about where adam was but it appears to me as a
6:19 am
homicide investigator that adam has been on the scene or at least somewhere nearby during the time of the deaths of both of these individuals so i can tell you that adam is definitely a person of interest in this case, not necessarily a suspect, but a person of interest and i think the police are definitely going to be focusing on adam. >> man, it is a weird story. and that's why we called you guys in, because you know about odd cases like this. thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks. >> hundreds of american guns sold to mexican drug cartels but law enforcement is only allowed to know about it because of a small budget amendment. the amendment's original sponsor is here next to talk about that. >> more and more americans are becoming independent fed up with the rhetoric from democrats and republicans. are you one of them? we've assembled three independent voters to weigh in on washington politics as usual. so this is enzo. you know, when i got him on e-trade
6:20 am
he was all like "oh no, i cannot do investing." next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. shhhh, you're welcome.
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>> got some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. news corp ceo and chairman rupert murdoch, his son james and former international head rebecca brooks will be grilled by parliament today in the u.k. over the phone hacking sandal. the hearings will be broadcast on fox newschannel. news international is owned by our parent company. they arrested a guy that tried bringing four pounds of meth into the united states inside his motorcycle helmet. in a separate incident, agents arrested a mexican woman for allegedly stuffing six pounds of meth in her brazeer. oh, boy. >> atf acting director kenneth melson claims the department of justice stonewalled
6:24 am
congressional investigators into the failed fast and furious program to protect political appointees. the program put thousands of guns from the united states into the hands of mexican drug cartels and now an amendment that classifies data on those guns is sponsoring that event. it's named for a former u.s. representative from kansas' fourth congressional district and he joins us right now in washington, d.c. congressman, what bothers you most about this? >> well, what bothers me most is that about the same time they started fast and furious to allow those guns to walk across the border illegally, they also asked for changes to the state amendment to allow to transfer this information to foreign poli police entities so i think there was some type of a conspiracy going on that says it's too violent to sell firearms in america and we need to change the law and constitution. >> it was the amendment named
6:25 am
with your name tiahrt that is one that would prevent this. the fact that it was happening simultaneously shows a concerted effort that you think would come from the highest of highs. >> yes, i don't think that senator grassley and congressman issa are asking the right questions yet and the question should be why did you do both of these programs? fast and furious and these changes to the tiahrt trade agreement at the same time? it's not a crime to not enforce the law but it is a crime to conspire to commit a crime. so i think they need to be asking why are these two things tied together in the same time frame because they definitely overlap. >> people listening right now will say, well, they tried to go after attorney general holder and trying to go after the justice department. why should the average american care about this? >> because it affects their privacy and it also affects their safety and somebody at the highest level of government was working on two different programs at the same time that
6:26 am
had overlapping data that may affect the laws of our land. >> right. i got to tell you what adam schiff says on the other side of this, he's a democrat, he says "operation fast and furious exemplifies the need to do away with regulations that handicap congress' oversight responsibilities. trade status critically important to law enforcement operations that target gun traffickers as well as to the congressional oversight of those operations." your response? >> privacy is very important, especially those that are undercover officers and every firearms owner in america. this amendment protects those that protect us. and it shouldn't be put out in the open public like he is advocating. what he is reciting is what gun control groups are trying to do and that's get this data out there so they can eliminate the sales of firearms in america. >> and finally, when you look at this entire operation, how you really know how congress works, do you think the atf could be doing this on their own without the justice department's go ahead and push? >> no, i think this was an
6:27 am
approval from the department of justice, they knew at the highest levels inside the agency not only the atf but the department of justice that this program was going on and that they wanted changes to the amendment in order to work concert with it to try to change the laws of this land. >> congressman tiahrt, great to see you. nice to get your perspective and maybe darrell issa is listening and it will change a little bit. i suspect he's gradually turning up the heat. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> was it an accident or something sinister? the latest on the investigation into the concert stage that came crashing down. then it's time for these guys to fly and it's all thanks to a tiny yet very tough chihuahua. we'll show you what went down. but first, happy birthday to world championship boxer who turns 40 today and about to join us here on the curvy couch with his world champion brother.
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verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t.
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we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. >> this is the greatest story. at the phoenix airport,a woman
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is being accused of groping a tsa agent. yeah, the woman was taken into custody and immediately hired by the tsa. >> that was conan o'brien who, by the way, is still on. >> another channel. >> he's dropped out of the radar, hasn't he? >> we still play him. >> he's talking about -- conan is talking about what happened in phoenix, arizona. here's a question for you. you should both know the number since you studied extensively, how many miles of territory between arizona and -- ok -- they know it's 82 miles of unprotected border. how far is that in kilometers? >> that is a bad question. >> either way, it's -- >> we can't do math at this hour. here's the question we need to tell you about. arizona, as you know, has had this ongoing battle with how to protect its border from illegal immigration. so a state senator, steve smith has proposed a $50 million border fence with money raised
6:33 am
from private funds. obviously, all the states are any abudget crunch and can't rely on funds from the government or state government so he's collecting private donations towards the $50 million goal. >> also going to be used in social media to do it and governor brewer is leading the charge. they're going to be using inmate labor and money pulled in through web sites for that fence. keep in mind, too, that if they're building the fence through private functions, maybe they can do exactly what baseball does and sell some of the signage, wal-mart, for example, might want to be part of the wall in arizona. >> what language will sign that be in? >> at least two languages. >> and so while they're -- the goal is $50 million and there are 83, 82 miles of unprotected border. they say, you know, if we use inmates, and we get donations of stuff, we can do it for a lot less. >> that's for sheriff apayo to
6:34 am
help with that. >> sheriff larry deaver down there along the border says i don't think it works. unless you have the man -- unless it's the right kind of fence and unless -- there he is right there and unless you have the manpower to watch it, it doesn't do anything. >> all right. let's get to the rest of the headlines right now and a story that's breaking at this moment and that is the israeli military says commandos boarded a french ship. that ship apparently attempting to break israel's blockade of the gaza strip. they reported no resistance and the israeli military on the record saying it will stop any attempt to break the sea blockade of gaza which israel imposed four years ago in a measure to prevent arms smuggling. >> meanwhile, al-qaida apparently changing its strategy in the post bin laden era. according to u.s. officials, new al-qaida chief wants to focus on attacking u.s. and western targets overseas rather than targeting main land u.s.a. the reason, overseas attacks are
6:35 am
easier to do and it would help align al-qaida with affiliate groups, yemen, pakistan and elsewhere around the world. >> we showed you a shocking video. stage collapses at a cheap trick concert. investigators are trying to figure out what caused it. they think it was due to a freak storm which blew in but they are still checking construction for design errors. the stage is built to sustain winds at 75 miles an hour. the winds in ottawa are believed to be stronger than that. >> two robbers armed with a rifle hold up a smoke shop but they're no match for paco, the attack chihuahua. >> come on. get down. get down! get down! [dog barking] >> that is one brave chihuahua. this happened in california. paco chased the robbers right
6:36 am
out of the store. his owner thankful that his fearless friends did not get hurt. >> when i saw them pointing a gun at paco, it just kind of sent chills down my back. >> the suspects did get away with 200 bucks. it would have been much more if it weren't for paco the chihuahua. >> some tough guys. before you pass judgment on those robbers and their toughness, remember how tough gin-gin was, the dog from "i dream of jeanie" he had the cloak of invisibility that made him twice as vicious. >> that's about 50 years ago. >> it seems like yesterday. he had to wear a uniform. he did not like wearing uniforms. let me tell you what's in sports. the nfl lockout appearing close to an end. finally. players will meet in washington, d.c. to discuss approving a deal that could bring the lockout to the close. the framework of the deal is reportedly in place. players from all 32 teams could
6:37 am
meet as soon as thursday to ratify the deal along with owners. the break in the deal is retirement benefits of players, a lot of them are hurting and did not make big dollars during their day. nba news, darren williams has agreed to play in turkey. kobe bryant interested in following suit in europe. dwight howard making some noise if there's a lockout in the nba if they continues, there's a huge possibility he'll play in china next year and probably make more money. that's one thing the nfl didn't have. they have no else to play. no one else knows how to play football. dwayne wade and amare stoudamire has expressed interest in playing overseas. when you pay $100 million and you get locked out for some reason. >> you have a game for us to play. >> let's talk about the world of -- >> hold it. let's tell folks what it is. >> this, ladies and gentlemen,
6:38 am
the brian kilmeade lightning round of entertainment. here now, brian kilmeade! >> thank you very much. first off, the first issue to you, j. low and marc anthony. seven short years, they've decided to call it quits. why? >> i'll go with "american idol" drove them apart. >> i don't know. i know apparently according to mtv this morning, they've got a story that apparently they tried for years, they did marriage counseling. they had a fiery relationship but in the end, they just said it's not going to work out and she's reportedly heart broken about it. >> how about this? too controlling? too controlling? i was at the "idol" concert. >> did you see the way she danced around him at "american idol." there was no need for that. there was no call for that. it was like i'm the husband. show me some respect. >> ok. you think he's too controlling. there's also a report out she may have had an affair on her latest duet. >> in his controlling ways.
6:39 am
>> that's ok? >> all right. let's talk about tiger woods. as you know, he's had a few mistresses, the one that everybody remembers was rachel who was about to talk to the media and all of a sudden, she went away. why? hush money was given. now it's going to be given back and gloria allred was the one who told rachel to give that money back, take it away. >> i can't believe she has to pay back the $10 million in hush money because she went on "celebrity rehab." what did she say about tiger woods? >> she was addicted to love which there is no anecdote. >> that's great. >> and she never once during "celebrity rehab" mentioned tiger woods. >> i say she keeps the money. >> what's happening is she's already given some of the money back. some of the reported $10 million and now she's talking about suing gloria allred, perhaps, for malpractice. >> because gloria allred took the money back. to me, gloria did her job and she didn't do hers but she's accusing gloria allred of being
6:40 am
in cahoots with tiger's attorney. >> can't she just say you know what? i spent the money. >> here's the talk, i had $10 million. that would remind me every day to keep my mouth quiet so to speak. charlie sheen out of work lost $30 million when he lost "two and a half men." he's back in work with a premise that highlights his skills. >> it's called "anger management." and it's apparently a new sitcom but it doesn't have a home yet. i say he's perfect for this role in "anger management" and he even had a funny tweet about it. >> yeah, apparently it is based on the adam sandler movie that was pretty funny and the big question is whether or not he will wind up on cable or will he wind up on network tv? i bet probably cable because the schedule is a little more flexible. if you just decide not to show up for a while, networks tend to frown on that. >> but you can attest cable is fine. >> absolutely. yeah. we just give one a call. let me just bring this up, too,
6:41 am
is that he must have some type of talent because for lionsgate to still back him and even though he's had all these problems and an embarrassing tour and his ridiculous rants, is there not another sheen to take his place? how does emilio estevez feel? this guy is sober and can't get anything but mighty ducks. >> thus conclusion the brian kilmeade lightning round of entertainment. >> thanks. you did really well. >> you asked for entertainment music, was that good for you? >> not really. totally inappropriate. >> and he's a controller, that one right over there. >> he is. >> more americans frustrated with politics as usual are becoming independent voters. are you one of them? a panel of independents here next to weigh in on what's going on in washington. >> this is what happened. the last time he was on "fox & friends", he knocked brian out. >> he got lucky! i'll take it. he's the heavyweight champ. so is his brother. together, they have six belts between them and they're making their way into our studio.
6:42 am
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6:46 am
themselves and for you, vladimir, happy birthday. >> you did the same mistake like always. not only you but a lot of other people. >> that's vitali. >> he's 25 today and his name is vitali. >> you're the older one. >> i'm the older one but i look like younger one. >> how are you celebrating your birthday? >> thank you very much. birthday, actually last night, we sit together and big cake. chocolate cake. it was fine. >> speaking of big, do you mind -- all of us stand up for a second, to put it into perspective. this is how tall we are and then there's those guys. >> you guys are kind of short. >> thank you. >> you know what? actually woman's right off that and i can say size is not important. that's why -- >> it doesn't matter you're trying to tell us. >> right.
6:47 am
so you predict this growing up? was this the goal where you looked at each other and said we're going to dominate the heavyweight division and never fight? >> we started to with the goal to become ukrainian champions and then soviet champions and then european and the world champions and then olympic champions. so we got the all of that and then we turned to professional boxing and then we got to get the belts, get first belt and then unify all the belts. we've been working on it very hard and the documentary that you mentioned before, exactly explains how two little boys, you know, had a dream and made the dream come true eventually. up to 15 years of being in professional boxing. >> speaking of little boys and their dreams, it was the dream of brian kilmeade to wind up in the ring with one of you. >> i remember that! you made me tired. >> look at this. we boxed for four hours. >> why are you wearing all the gear? and vitali is laughing?
6:48 am
>> i've never had my sinuses cleared like that. even your jabs hurt. no wonder you don't fight him. >> you know what? point is to fight him because he's too strong. i have just one belt, world belt. he has three. >> wait a second, i have five. we got lost with all the belts. >> there's no fighting. >> six belts exist. and the championship belt. >> congratulations to both of you. >> all right. >> everybody will be watching hbo documentary on both of your successful careers in life. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. >> you promise your mom you never will fight each other? >> the promise is still there. there's a lot of minor, a kid around the corner said, dude, you know what? how many your mother is worth. >> thanks for coming in. thanks for being here. >> up next, is president obama
6:49 am
ignoring the voters that he really needs to get re-elected? we're talking about the independents and there are more of them than ever before. up next, we have a panel of independent voters for you. >> is that them? >> yes. >> ok.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> democrats and republicans alike are fed up with washington's handling of the debt limit negotiations but the majority of americans don't belong to either party. a recent gallup survey says that 38% of americans consider themselves independent. key voters in the 2012 election, of course. so what do they think of the debt debate and who's winning. ? we're joined by a panel of independent voters, john updike, director of development for
6:53 am, gregory moon, the president of independent voters of america and ricky moony, welcome to all of you. >> good morning, alisyn. >> good morning. gregory, i want to start with you. you say you believe that democrats are actually winning this war of words in the debt debate. why? >> i just believe their approach in terms of market strategy is working better than the republicans at this time because they seem to be including things, policies other than just the debt itself. and i think that approach is more appealing to the average voter. as opposed to what the republicans are doing. >> interesting. linda, you say something that we've heard echoed in polls from many americans and that is that you'd like to actually see a blending of the two plans with spending cuts and are you ok with tax hikes as well? >> well, i would personally not like to see my taxes go up
6:54 am
probably every american would say the same thing. but, you know, we're all in this problem together. this is a shared responsibility for this problem that we all have. and i think that all of us are going to have to make concessions in order to get out of this situation. >> john, you say that independents don't like the bitter partisanship that has been on display in this debt debate. why do you think that the republicans are more responsible for that than the democrats? >> well, i think both parties participate in a kind of choreographed kabooki where they approach the negotiations from the vantage point of how can they gain a partisan advantage for the next election? and that's why independents are the largest group of voters in the country. they don't like partisanship. they don't like parties and they don't like how every issue is turned into a political football
6:55 am
while the business of the country goes undealt with. >> goiregory, do you think the media has been unbiased or framing this more on the side of one or the other party? >> no, actually, i think the media has been fairly even handed in terms of their approach or coverage of it. i just don't believe the parties are putting forth enough effort to get the job done in terms of the budget so they can get on to the other business of the country. >> what would you like to hear happen today? what would you like to hear the president or any congressional leaders come out and say about this deal? >> i would like them to say that they are listening to each other. i keep hearing when they get a microphone put in front of them about what is the big problem with the other side? and i think that, you know, we're talking about a
6:56 am
negotiation, a negotiation implies the assumption that the two sides are actually listening to each other and not just talking at each other. and i would like to see some listening. >> thank you for that. john, do you think that the august 2nd date is a hard and fast date or there is some wiggle room beyond that. >> i think it's a hard and fast date and just to follow up on what linda said, i think that both parties are excellent at blaming each other, at pointing fingers. i think what the american people and independents in particular are looking for is a way to move beyond that kind of self-interested partisanship and i think president obama would be very good to speak out not just to criticize congressional leaders but really speak out in favor of the kind of reforms. >> got it. sorry to cut you off. we're running out of time but appreciate all of you independents coming in. thanks so much for your thoughts on this. >> sure. >> coming up, the controversy over the breast-feeding baby. that's next. the two trains and a bus rider.
6:57 am
the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. it's tuesday, july 19th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. is the g.o.p. ready to bring its cut, cap and balance plan to the floor? but one man stands in their way. what the president is willing to do to stop the g.o.p. in their tracks. >> drunk on the job. and directing your flights. air traffic controller gets all liquored up before reporting to work. moments ago, a statement from the f.a.a. >> oh, baby! this little doll teaches kids to breast-feed and could be coming to a store near you. is it cute or just downright creepy? we're going to report, you're going to decide. >> right now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us
7:01 am
bright and early. happy to be with you guys today. >> great to have you. i was just talking to the brothers, i'm the only man that could actually represent america so i'm going to be leaving the show and turning pro and i'm going to do it for the country. >> i think it's extraordinary that you are a big fan and you could not tell them apart. >> i cannot tell them apart. i see they both hit hard and they're tall. >> defining characteristics. >> both doctors, by the way, they have ph.d.'s in sports science. >> and they can't do headlines much that's up to her. >> that's right. and here i go because we start with the fox news alert for you. he's supposed to be making sure that you're safe in the skies but now, an air traffic controller is under federal investigation accused of being drunk on the job. sources say the veteran controller had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit, six hours into his shift. according to the f.a.a., the controller in question is no longer working air traffic. we are investigating the
7:02 am
incident. the controller worked out of the longmont, colorado, area and was responsible for keeping an eye on planes flying over nine separate states. the controller is now in rehab, we're told. if he completes treatment, he could be back on the job in no time. and the heat is turning tragic in the midwest. as many as 13 deaths being tied to the weather. right now, 18 states are under heat warnings, watches or advisories. check out this picture from oklahoma, triple digit temperatures there causing the asphalt to buckle at a major intersection. shuttle atlantis is beginning its final journey home. >> separation, houston. >> undocking confirmed. >> the shuttle undocking earlier from the space station before leaving astronauts left behind a year's worth of supplies. a model of atlantis and the american flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. the crew has been inspecting the shuttle's heat shield, of
7:03 am
course, the final shuttle mission is scheduled to land on thursday morning right before 6:00 a.m. and you will see it live right here on "fox & friends." we will be up early to bring that to you. meanwhile, the bride wore handcuffs. a michigan woman busted just minutes after she walked down the aisle. 53-year-old tammy lee hinton was wanted for felony identity theft. police got a tip she was in town for her wedding so they crashed the ceremony and arrested her. she posed for mug shots in her gown and veil. they're just like wedding photos and the groom bails her out and took her to the reception. >> you don't hear much of that scenario. >> reception beats the holding cell. >> they say it's a ball and chain but it's different. >> in every sense. let's talk about this, cut, cap and balance. what does it mean? what's going to be passed? it's most likely going to be passed in the house today and it's probably going to go to the
7:04 am
snalt and not have a future and the president will make sure of that by promising a veto. what are the republicans putting out there and why are they so happy about it? >> the first thing you could say is the cut part. they will cut $111 billion in federal spending in fiscal 2012. >> as for the cap part, what they would do is going forward on future budgets, they would cap it at probably 18% of the gdp. right now, we are at 24% and that's just more than we can spend. >> and the balanced part is it would be a balanced budget amendment to the constitution and i think they're proposing it for the next 10 years. so, of course, democrats have weighed in on this. and though it's an interesting position to say we're against a balanced budget. that is what the democrats have said. they don't like it for a whole host of reasons. here is white house spokesperson jay carney and then senator mitch mcconnell is how they feel about this. >> what we are witnessing here with this measure is classic
7:05 am
washington posturing theater, you know, this is a measure that is designed to duck, dodge and dismantle. duck responsibility, dodge obligations and dismantle if it's signed into law which it will not but it would essentially require the dismantlement of our social safety net. >> the republicans are trying to persuade the president for the need of a course correction but weeks of negotiations have shown that his commitment to big government is simply too great to lead to the kind of long term reforms we need. >> well, i'll tell you what, the g.o.p. freshmen aren't stopping there. they're marching over to the white house today with a letter. will they get in? i'm sure they will get in, right? they got to be buzzed in. they have a group of -- they're going to go over there and demand that the white house draw up their own plan in a letter. they've already written a letter and they're going to sign it. you have to draft a proposal on how you will cut in order to raise the debt ceiling because they're tired of playing offense and wondering why everything they're recommending is being affected. >> right.
7:06 am
here's what's going to happen, they will eventually vote on this. they're going to start debate on it today. it will pass the house. there will be a number of republicans that won't vote for it because they said we're against all measures of raising the national debt. so going to the floor of the senate, will it pass? no. what a colossal waste of time, perhaps, some would feel. we asked you what you thought. here's an e-mail from tim. >> he said if the choice is between cut, cap and balance or raise, spend and bankrupt, i'll take cut, cap and balance every time. >> bill from illinois sounds like this. anyone who votes no should be voted out of office, period. >> i think bill from illinois had a deeper voice. >> i'm sorry. >> here's a tweet. a balanced budget amendment admits government is broken and high paid congress is incompetent. this is a waste of time. as for, ok, so if this -- >> i think jim is a priest. he looks like a man of the cloth. >> could be. >> if this is going to be veto
7:07 am
by the president, what's going to happen with mitch mcconnell's plan b or plan c, whatever, they're going to start talking about it on saturday. they'll vote on it by, i think, july 29th and that gives the house just four days to pass it and apparently, a number of democrats are going to be able to vote for the republican plan in the senate because they are in perilous situations politically and they need it to get re-elected. >> to me, i cannot see how the mitch mcconnell plan will fly. it doesn't apply with the deficit commission, erskine bowles came out to say. >> around they kicking the can down the road further? >> what they're a is we're passing a budget to cut $1.2 trillion from the budget, we're $2 trillion in debt. it's not going to fool anybody like moody's or s&p and every republican from senator lindsay graham considered a moderate by some say we can't vote for this. >> why do we listen to moody's and s&p, they're the same
7:08 am
organizations that got us in trouble with the subprime thing, remember? and triple a rating on the mortgage debt the day before, it collapsed. why listen to them? >> ok, that's one thing. but also, the big political question is which party would be held responsible. if the debt talks collapsed, if the august 2nd date comes and goes, if somehow the u.s. inches closer to default, which party is held for responsible? cbs news released a poll yesterday that had some stunning results and that is, apparently, 71% of the respondents and by the way, that's a little suspect which we'll get to in a moment say they would hold the republicans in congress more responsible than anybody. only 48% say they would hold president obama responsible. now, the reason it's a little suspect is because they polled adults rather than likely voters or registered voters and if you don't vote, you know, you sort of don't have a say, brian. >> because the children were at the pool. i mean, that's clearly where they want to be with the adults. the other thing is you have
7:09 am
different polls and different polls. one thing is apparent, the president's three press conferences seem to be somewhat effective last week. >> when you look at the public opinion and this is kind of reflected in the great panel that ali had about 15 minutes ago, a lot of people feel that the democrats are winning on this. they have a better plan and the extraordinary thing is the democrats haven't revealed a plan. it's the republicans who have revealed a plan. the president himself when asked in a press conference last week, yeah, we heard that you want to cut entitlements, which entitlement? i'm not saying. so even though the democrats don't have a plan, they're getting the benefit of the doubt from a portion of the public. >> brny goldberg weighed in on all of this last night in which he said the president has been called the adult in the room, that he has seemed level headed and that narrative seems to be sticking with some voters. listen to what bernie goldberg had to say. >> story line is simply this -- barack obama is the reasonable
7:10 am
one. he is the one who was responsible fiscally responsible. republicans on the other hand are not responsible and the only two words they know are no taxes. ok? this -- this narrative, this story line wasn't created by the media. barack obama painted that picture of himself and his pals in the media predictably picked it up and just ran with it. never mind that in the past two years, barack obama has spent money like imelda marcos in a shoe store. >> so maybe that's one of the reasons that they feel democrats have the upper hand is because mainstream media created this narrative that barack obama is the adult in the room. and what not. you've heard the story. >> in addition to kicking the can down the road and the theater. if we make it through the rest of the show without saying adult in the room. >> or kicking the can to the kabooki theater. >> that's a double shot. >> remember when he was running
7:11 am
for president, barack obama said that his administration would prohibit lobbyists from working in the administration or influencing policy decisions. he was very clear. no lobbyists in the administration or influencing. so yesterday at the press briefing, jay carney was asked about this very powerful lobbyist from microsoft who was in the room with the president. >> education round table with business leaders, with fred humphries to microsoft's top lobbyist, why is that a violation of the president's pledge to eliminate access to influence? >> the president promises not to eliminate or prohibit lobbyists from entering the property but to not give them special access. >> wait a minute, special access? he's having a meeting with the president of the united states? >> that's not special access? >> they can take a tour of the building, they just can't say --
7:12 am
don't bring anything up about their business. >> he said they're not going to be influencing policy decisions. that one is murky if you have someone on a conference call or someone in the meeting or across the table, how do you know they're not influencing policy decisions and they're sharing their thoughts. >> one other thing, there are a number of lobbyists that apparently do work for the administration despite the president's pledge when he was running and how do they get by it? well, they signed waivers. they said ok, yeah, we know we got a rule but he signed this waiver and so we're going to let him in. >> all right. coming up straight ahead in the hours we have remaining, the breast-feeding baby coming to a sto store near you? is this a lesson we should be teaching our kids? you report, we decide. >> that is weird. you know how she feels. the president calling the republican plan to cut back a big joke. senator mike lee wrote the book on cut, cap and balance literally. what does he think about what the president has said? the senator is here next. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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7:16 am
>> political deadlock in washington as the deadline to raise the debt ceiling quickly approaches but republicans have a plan. they've proposed a balanced budget amendment to the u.s. constitution. an idea the white house is already threatening to veto. >> what we are witnessing here with this measure is classic washington posturing, kabooki theater, look, we don't need these kind of measures. what we need is congress to get to work to agree to compromise, to agree to do the work of the american people instead of satisfying some narrow slice of the political spectrum. >> all right. the republican plan is being proposed by our next guest. senator mike lee, the author of the new book "the freedom agenda, why a balanced budget amendment is necessary to restore a constitutional
7:17 am
government." are you surprised by the white house's reaction to something similar to the president -- to the premise of your book? >> no, because president obama forecasted the other day how he feels about this saying that it's not necessary. i find it fascinating that this is the approach since the american people overwhelming support a balanced budget amendment, they can't find a way to attack it on the merits so instead they said, it's not necessary. well, how has that theory worked out for us in the past. how has this resulted in congress ever balancing its budget for more than a few months at a time. history is against these guys and i think they're well aware of that. >> later today, they'll probably pass it in the house and it goes to the senate and most -- would you say it would be accurate that most democrats in the senate are going to vote against it although there are some people on the democrat side who are in some tough races like kara mckaskell of missouri,
7:18 am
she'll be probably be given the ok because they're having a tough time getting re-elected. >> i would think so. whether they're given the ok by their leader or not, i don't see how many of these can vote against it. look, it makes no sense for us to raise the debt limit without fixing the problem that has created our massive debt to begin with. this plan, the cut, cap and balance act is not only the best plan out there because it fixes the underlying problem by restoring the structure permanently, but it's the only plan that's been reduced to legislation and that's garnered significant support from the public and from members of congress in both houses. >> how do you feel about 71% of the public according to a new poll saying that republicans are blame for this stand-off? >> look, you referred to it a minute ago but the sample selection mechanism there was not exactly scientific. >> just adult. >> this is another part of the spin machine trying to resist the balanced budget amendment
7:19 am
and as i point out in my book, "the freedom agenda" the only way we're going to return to fiscal sanity and to constitutional government that will respect individual liberty in this country is through a balanced budget amendment. >> yes or no, will you vote for the mitch mcconnell way forward? >> no, no, i wouldn't. i was elected to solve problems, not shift blame to the other party. i feel like that plan is not the right plan. it doesn't fix the underlying problem and it amounts to something close to a clean debt limit increase which we as republicans are supposed to be against. >> mike lee, senator from the great state of utah, thank you for joining us and good luck with the new book. >> thank you. >> should we be teaching little girls breast-feeding? that breast-feeding can be fun? up next, the doll that has many moms and dads seeing red. >> tiffany has done it all. she went from head cheerleader to f.b.i. investigator and now
7:20 am
she's giving directions. she's directing. camera two and camera three? she's down in our control room. she'll be live with us. >> much different show. much different show. she's coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends." 
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> so how young is too young to breast-feed? a controversial new doll called the breast milk baby is coming to the u.s. and the doll allows young kids to imitate the act of breast-feeding. the doll even makes sucking noises to sound luike a real baby. does this doll cross the line? here is psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow and parenting expert jessica
7:24 am
gottlieb. thanks for being here guys. >> thanks for having me. >> dr. ablow, you think this idea is ridiculous. what's the problem? >> it's beyond ridiculous. it's destructive. little girls aren't even aware how their secondary sexual characteristics will develop let alone imitating how they'll be used after childbirth. this is another way of turning little girls into adults. it blurs the boundary between children and adults in society. it contributes to the sexualization of children and it makes them targets of assailants, frankly, because it blurs that boundary. it's a terrible, terrible idea. >> jessica, do you think it's destructive and a terrible idea? >> no, i'm going to have to respectfully disagree. i'm not sure that if you see a little girl as her breasts being sexual that that doesn't reflect more on you than on what breasts
7:25 am
are. i have kids that are three years apart. well, no, can you let me finish, please? i have kids that are three years apart. >> i assure you i'm not a pedophile at all. >> your kids are three years apart and i know they mimicked you when you were breast-feeding. >> of course they did. you know what? that's how my kids were fed. if, you know, i don't need a doll to do it, the kids are going to be doing it anyhow. >> dr. ablow, i think she raises a great point. why is it sexual? why isn't it just natural? >> she doesn't raise a good point at all. how about this? how about we have little girls 3 and 4 have an ob/gyn suite where they deliver their babies. that's a good idea. that way we can further blur the boundaries so that everybody out there no longer thinks there's any particular difference between a little child and an adult woman. the fact is that little girls don't have breasts.
7:26 am
>> my children have played -- >> this is a mother -- >> let's let her finish. empl go ahead, jessica. >> children pretend to do what their parents do. part of normal development for children is that they emulate their parents, they pretend to be doctors, psychologists. your children sit around probably and try and pretend to fix problems. little girls and little boys watch their mothers feed babies and then they pretend to feed babies. >> let me read what toy manufacturer says, they say the whole purpose of the breast milk baby is to teach children the nurturing skills they'll need to raise their own healthy babies in the future. breast-feeding is good for babies, it's good for mommies and good for society. we really don't understand why this has created such a controversy. so we understand where you both feel on this, dr. keith ablow, we want to ask our viewers to weigh in on this. you can find us at friends at
7:27 am and let us know if you think this is as controversial as dr. ablow does or innocent as jessica does. thank you so much for joining us for the debate. all right. meanwhile, the car was supposed to revolutionize the auto industry by burning less gas. the only thing it burned through was your money. that story next. and she's used to being on camera. but tiffani thiessen has always wanted to be behind the camera. next stop -- the curvy couch. she's starting in to sit on it right now. there she goes. hey, tiffani. ♪ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] 125 years ago... we invented the automobile. ♪ and 80,000 patents later, we're still reinventing it. ♪ it's no coincidence that the oldest car company h the youngest and freshest line in the luxury class.
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7:31 am
>> fox news did an investigation about some auto workers in detroit, apparently it's happened before. they're drinking beer, smoking pot on the job during their lunch break. here's the story. chrysler auto workers, trenton, michigan caught on camera throwing back a few beers on the lunch break and this is not the first time we have seen this happen. here's the story out of fox detroit now. >> chrysler employees tipped us off recently stating that some of their co-workers were spending their lunch breaks drinking and smoking at a nearby park. when we investigated, our cameras caught assembly line workers as well as a safety engineer in the act.
7:32 am
>> long way to go for that. >> it really was. >> nice cameo as well. >> hemmer was co-hosting the tonight show for a while. >> pretty much. >> let me tell you what's happening in the headlines so these people will take over to try to do as well. al-qaida trying to change their tactics. u.s. officials believe the new al-qaida chief will focus on hitting u.s. and western targets overseas rather than targeting the united states where we live. the reason -- overseas attacks are simply easier to carry out. >> meanwhile, you're looking at live pictures from the halls of parliament in london where london police commissioner paul stevenson is answering questions about his ties to the phone hacking scandal at british newspapers. later on today, newscorp ceo and chairman rupert murdoch, his son james murdoch and former news international head rebecca brooks are expected to testify in front of parliament about the
7:33 am
news of the world scandal. fox news channel will bring you live coverage. rebecca brooks says a bag containing her husband's laptop and papers was found dumped in a parking garage. her spokesperson says it's unclear how it got there and adds that it did not contain anything related to the hacking scandal. news international is owned by news corp, our parent company. >> and a ride at the amusement park takes a not so fun turn. a couple is left dangling 150 feet in the air after getting stuck on the bungee ride in dallas. after more than two hours of hanging there, crews were able to get them down. the cables locked up on the ride. that must cost more. >> right. yeah. really backed up now. a company is going out of business after receiving half a billion dollars in government aid. salinas, california, gave green vehicles money in federal grant funds. they promised the city dozens of new jobs and revenue for
7:34 am
building cars like this. the company didn't survive and shut its doors last week. >> now they want their money back. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather ahead today. you can see some widely scattered showers right now moving through the eastern portions of the ohio valley into virginia as well. some widely scattered showers out in the inner mountain region. currently, it's starting to warm up in the northern plains. look at that. 82 now in minneapolis. it's 78 in chicago. it's going to warm up considerably here are today's high temperatures. look at that. today, it's going to be another hot one in the northern plains. rapid city, south dakota, 100 degrees. it's going to be 101 in dallas. 100 in el paso. man, it's going to be hot out there. look at the missouri and mississippi valley. today in memphis, tennessee, 96 degrees there. same as raleigh and temperatures in the 90's, as you can see, down through portions of florida and along the gulf coast. now to put it into perspective, let's take a look at how hot it's going to be in afghanistan.
7:35 am
it's going to be 106 in cann kandahar. take a look at this. these are the highs for iraq for today. it's going to be 108 in mosul and 110 in baghdad and 112 in basrah. remember when you're out there wearing a t-shirt, the men and women over there are in full gear. with camouflage, hard to see them. the nfl lockout appears close to an end. they will meet to discuss approving a deal that could probably bring the lockout to a close. players from 32 teams voting, same thing perhaps on thursday and then quickly start sweating in pads. the one issue that appeared to be resolved, a billion dollars put aside to the guys who made very little money and really pioneered the game. the retired players. and tiger woods is finally collecting money but not from
7:36 am
the golf course. a former mistress is having to return most of the $10 million in hush money she gave the pro because she reportedly spoke out to tmz and she also -- she also had spoke to "celebrity rehab" where she was trying to get cured of her addiction to love. so i'm not sure she was cured of that. but we do know this, she's going to have pay a lot less taxs this year. she had to give a lot of the money back. for those of you with hush money, keep quiet. >> thank you very much. >> so you may remember her as the teen heartthrob on the tv hit series "saved by the bell." >> they friends of yours? >> they're trying to make me look good. >> you already look pretty good to me. >> i'm still on probation. >> now, she's all grown up playing the new role of new mom in her real life as well as the wife of an f.b.i. agent in the tv series "white collar."
7:37 am
joining us right now is tiffani thiessen. good morning to you. >> good morning, you guys. >> you might want to talk about something new. but let's talk -->> i never want to let go of my past. you know, it was for a while muhammad ali but it was really screech. >> it was really screech. >> can i get this over with right now? >> i love it. >> we want to get it over with. >> wow. >> is it a kids shirt, is that why? >> it is a little smaller than i can remember and maybe i didn't tumble dry. >> and the reason brian is wearing that and as we can see right there, you are wearing a justin bieber t-shirt. >> yeah, huge fan of justin bieber. >> why would that be? >> i guess he's a fan of mine. i don't know. it's funny. when i got the call that he was wearing -- there it is. my t-shirt, it was hilarious, i don't think he was born when the show was on. >> he was wearing this homage. >> exactly. even older, oh, geez, now i'm ancient. it's like vintage t-shirt. what? >> which is cuter? justin bieber wearing that
7:38 am
t-shirt of you or brian wearing the t-shirt -- >> you don't have to answer now. wait until the end. you're going to hurt my feelings. >> i don't know. pretty cute. i like him with the suit. >> so obviously, you were a child star. you're still an actress and you're a new mom. tell us about that role. >> i'm a new mom, 13 months ago, i had a kid. it's great. i mean, it's been a very busy last year. the show is in its third season. we're shooting right now and it's going great. we're doing really well. it's been fun and i got a kid and running around -- >> sleeplessness affect your acting? >> it's so funny, i was talking to my make-up artist and she goes, you know, i'm shocked that you still don't get any sleep and you look pretty good. i'm like thanks, i'm doing something right, then. >> build me up. >> i'm building my immunity. >> the show you're talking about is "white collar" where you play the wife of an f.b.i. agent and i understand in the upcoming season, you're going to crack a case. >> i do. being married to an f.b.i. agent
7:39 am
for over 10 years, i get smart at it. i come up with a case that you find and i crack it myself. smart lady i am. >> do you get paid by the f.b.i.? >> i should. >> no kidding. >> a lot of fekz from the f.b.i. agents. >> how much did you study with the white collar for this? don't you have to go live the part? >> this one, i didn't have to do that. the fact that my character was basically very supportive, very smart wife. i felt like i had the -- >> i got it. >> i think i got it. i think i got it. >> tiffani, you obviously have had a successful career throughout all of these years. why did you not get derailed? since you were a child actress and so many others do get derailed. >> you know, i think it's different for every kid and for every person but luckily, knock on wood, i had a very good, long career. i took good steps, you know, hopefully i can say that. >> because you stayed in school? >> you stayed in school and my parents were very big in my life. my parents are still married to this day which is very rare
7:40 am
these days to see that. i had a good grounding force between -- >> good news is there was so much distance between set of "saved by the bell" and "different strokes." as long as you're away from those guys, you were ok. >> we did ok. us kids, we did ok. >> you not only stayed in school, you hit the books. >> it was important to me. i actually enjoyed school. i know that's a rarity, too. i really enjoyed school. i really did. >> did you get to go, though? >> i went up until junior high and then high school i was tutored the rest of the time. being tutored, you actually get a lot more attention and, you know, a lot different being in a class with 50 kids than just five kids. >> i told you during the commercial that when you were doing "saved by the bell" i actually came out and did a story for fox and i saw the set-up so your class there on the set, you know. mario lopez. >> i know, those are my classmates. people ask me did you go to prom and all that? i didn't. i kind of had a fake one on tv. you could say i did. i don't know.
7:41 am
>> that's great. well, it's great to have you here. thanks so much. and brian, thank you for the t-shirt. wear it proudly. >> i'm thinking about it. see if i can get a screech wardrobe deal. and i'll just wear nothing but his outfits and get a hair do. >> there are similarities. that's all i'm going to say. >> you know what? just read the piece. >> next story. >> nice to meet you, guys. >> great to meet you. >> whatever happened to screech? never mind. >> whole another show. >> who knows? while everybody is focused on the debt ceiling, a big story in afghanistan is being ignored. what is going on and how it affects you. we'll discuss that next. >> then are you looking for work? coming up, five companies that are hiring right now today. we'll tell you where to get a job. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> 45 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. starting next week, police in philadelphia will start handing out $120 tickets if they catch you walking and texting. this is all part of a citywide crackdown on drivers, bikers and pedestrians who are not paying attention. and a horse stuck in a house? 8-year-old summer got trapped in a basement in colorado after falling through a broken window. rescuers were able to dig her out safely. >> no! >> all right. debate over the debt ceiling is all the talk in washington but despite the big budget problem, there may be another crisis brewing over in afghanistan. recently, there's been a serious surge in violence including the assassinations of two high ranking afghan officials and another deadly blast. the violence comes as yesterday, general petraeus passed off command of the afghan war to his successor, general john allen so
7:46 am
should we keeping more of an eye in afghanistan? let's ask our next guest, tony schaefer. you think we passed a high water mark with the surge of troops in afghanistan. it only gets worse from here? >> i think so. and unfortunately, brian, you and i have spoken about this before. we have done everything we can regarding military force. and the result has been what we're seeing now, an increased level of violence. and the problem is the president making his announcement when he did, how he did it was a political decision and you and i can debate the number of troops but the bottom line is he split the baby. because he split the baby, our allies don't know what to make of what we're doing and at the same time, they are emboldened by what's going on so what you have is kind of the worse of both worlds. our allies don't know what to do and the taliban feel invigorated to do something against us now. >> like we said, it was a nonmilitary decision and senator graham brought that out in the questioning of general allen in washington. we agree there. how about this?
7:47 am
we've never had this degree of trained armed forces in afghanistan and there's a big story with karzai's brother. this guy was doing more harm than good as a drug lord in the south, correct? >> i agree, yes, absolutely. the evidence is very clear that he was sitting literally on both sides of the fence taking drug profits and propping up a lot of things going on there and as much as the taliban were benefitting from it, so was he. but back to your point, brian, about the troops, yeah, we have a large number of troops by the karzai government but the problem is they are but one tribe and what we've been doing is pushing the afghan people towards, you know, very unpopular government, general petraeus himself has said some of the forces, the police forces are questionable and this is where we've kind of got ourselves situated in a very bad position trying to push the people in one direction over another. >> what will lieutenant colonel tony schaefer do? start bombing the heck out of where they train these taliban fighters? >> i'm not sure i'd do it that
7:48 am
way. the source of all instability is pakistan. i think we need to encourage the afghan people to do a tribal awakening like we do with the sunni awakening in iraq. that's the pact. i was there in 2003. the afghan people don't want the taliban any more than they want -- so there's a way of doing this. we got to be concise. but the real issue is pakistan. we have to deal with them in a combination of ways. force is not the only way to do it. >> is general allen the right man for the job? >> i talked to several commanders to include the cent commander. the question becomes allen is a great leader. i think he understands the military context of what he's doing. he's going to rethink the coin strategy. the counter insurgency strategy. >> lieutenant schaefer, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> moving ahead, next on the rundown, who is hiring the top five companies offering jobs right now. on this day in history, the number one song, 1967, windy by
7:49 am
the association. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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7:52 am
>> well, it may take a while before we get back to normal job wise. according to "the wall street journal" at the rate we're going, it will take 162 months or over 13 years before the u.s. returns to a 5% unemployment rate. but what if you want to get back to work right now as millions do. cheryl casoni from the fox business network is here to tell us about the top five companies hiring this week. this is a list of five companies. >> good morning. >> and the first one is target and they're looking for thousands of people. >> they got 2200 entry level positions available right now. college saying they're
7:53 am
one of the top 10 companies if you're a college grad looking for work and you want to get some management experience, also, they got stock options. public company. they're expanding in the u.s. they're expanding in canada and they're also, their super target stores are doing very well for the company and is doing very well but the engineers, sales team managers, developers and they're also looking mostly in minneapolis where they're headquartered and there's a lot of jobs in california right now but they're hiring this week. that's the point of this. >> somebody else hiring this week is hertz, rental car company. >> they have got 4,000 positions open right now. >> my goodness. >> all at the airport? >> no, actually, this is different. other car companies i've highlighted on this show have been looking for airport positions much they want to expand away from the airport. 25% of the company is global. if you want to travel, if you want to see the world a little bit and you want to get an entry level job at a hertz, maybe based in the middle east or
7:54 am
africa, what the heck. take some adventure out of your life. do it. they're a good company and they also are just expanding just enough to where they've got multiple positions that are open right now. >> comcast, big cable company. >> big cable company, they bought nbc universal and paid all cash. if you can pay all cash for anything, you're doing all right. they also own the 76ers and the philadelphia flyers, they are looking for engineers, telecommunications workers, sales folks. but they also own the e entertainment network and own fandango and their first quarter profits were up 32%. they are expanding and they've done a new service, recent service where they're giving 24 hour assistance to their cable companies. 39 states, they're across the board but a lot of the jobs right now are actually here on the east coast. >> next one, adt. >> adt. this was, believe it back in the 1870's, this was a telegraph company and now they are the security company.
7:55 am
tyco international owns this company. they're part of that overall conglomerate. they provide security and they're looking for installers and they're looking for engineer types but they also need folks that can handle sales and business development. >> and price waterhouse cooper is the big accounting firm. >> ernst & young is one of my companies a few weeks ago. this is another example of accounting. every corporation needs to figure out how to deal with the books but if you're a major corporation, how to deal with washington and your books. i got to get this out. they operate 150 countries, steve, they have 10,000 u.s. positions announced for this year. 10,000 jobs. that's huge! >> that's gigantic. before you go, if people want more information about any of those five companies, how do you apply for the job? >> you can go to careerbuilder actually is where most of these are listed. has them listed on the web site. they can give you more
7:56 am
information. a lot of the salaries aren't posted. i tried for you folks. >> that's very helpful information. we thank you very much. check out her programs weekdays at noon right over there on the business channel. thanks, cheryl. meanwhile, remember that robo signing controversy shut down the nation's foreclosure machine? it's still illegal and it's still happening. what are you supposed to do as a home owner? bob massi on deck to talk about that. then he's got millions of dollars but casino mogul steve wynn living in fear. and he's afraid of washington. almost tastes like one of jack's als.
7:57 am
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>> good morning.
8:00 am
everyone. it's tuesday, july 19. i'm alisyn camerota. he was too drunk to drive, but not too waste to do work. this is an air traffic controller we're talking about directing flights drunk. >> steve: great. today republicans in the house introduced their plan to cut the debt. but is it too little too late? why the white house may already have won this battle with a little help from its main stream media pals. >> brian: single marine asks bete white to the ball. >> i would like to take betty white. call me. >> brian: betty called with bad news. "fox & friends" starts right now >> i can't believe that she called with bad news. she's the perfect date. nobody is more fun than bete
8:01 am
white. more sassy, more funny. i can't believe that she called with bad news. >> steve: she must -- she must have a really good excuse. >> brian: yes. that show she's doing is taping that very same day. >> i'm not sure that's good enough. but okay. we'll get to that momentarily. we have headlines. he was supposed to be making sure you're safe in the skies, but now an air traffic controller is under federal investigation accused of being drunk on the job. sources say the veteran controller had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit six hours into his shift. according to the faa, the controller in question is no longer working air traffic. we are investigating the incident. the controller worked off colorado -- out of colorado and responsible for keeping an eye over planes over nine states. he's in rehab and if he completes treatment, he could be
8:02 am
back on the job in no time. police in california say forensic results will shed more lights on the strange death of a pharmaceutical's executive girlfriend and his six-year-old son. the boy died after falling down a flight of stairs. the very next day, the girlfriend was discovered hanging from a balance cony. earlier, a former homicide investigator weighed in. >> the bad guy doesn't know there is a lot of things we can determine from the autopsy from the way the person dies that will quickly tell us whether or not it's a homicide or hanging. what is that? we can look at the autopsy report and we can look at the markings on the inside of the neck. >> no suspects have been named. and atlantis starting their flight home. >> undocking confirmed. >> undocking confirmed. the shuttle undocking from the
8:03 am
international space stays. before leaving, they left behind a year's worth of supplies, a model of atlantis and the american flag that flew on the first shuttle mission. the crew has been inspecting the shuttle's heat shield. the final mission is scheduled to land on thursday morning right before 6:00 a.m. eastern and you will see it live right here on "fox & friends." we will be up early for that. the story that we were debating, you can't blame a guy for trying. sergeant ray lewis inviting a third celebrity to the marine corps ball. >> i would like to take bete white. me and her to the marine corps ball this year. call me. >> bete white responded with bad news apparently saying, quote, as everyone knows, i love a man in uniform. but unfortunately i cannot accept 'cause i will be taping an episode of "hot in cleveland." mila kunis and justin timberlake were asked and both said yes.
8:04 am
maybe she'll reconsider. >> steve: she did sign the letter, love betty white. maybe they can work around it. >> brian: does she have a body double to fill in? >> steve: no, she's betty white. >> brian: at her age, if she said, listen, i'm going to go do this marine ball, you got to tell me they would stop it. >> steve: in the meantime, the house of representatives today will vote on the gop's cut, cap and balance plan. but president obama has already threatened to veto it. >> brian: molly henneberg live at the white house with details. hey, molly. >> the obama administration says the cut, cap and balance legislation is a, quote, empty political statement that creates unrealistic policy goals. still house republicans are going to give it a go. it's their attempt to move this debt debate forward. it would cut spending now, cap future spending, and pass a balanced budget amendment which would have to be ratified by
8:05 am
three quarters of the state. the house republicans want to pass this legislation before agreeing to raise the debt ceiling. one supporter of the measure says both parties in congress have shown they, quote, cannot live within our means and say this may get the federal government on the right track. >> there are a lot of us that have no desire, did not come here to raise the debt ceiling. but what i did come here to do is help solve the underlying problem. >> president obama does not think much of cut, cap and balance and doesn't think it's necessary to amend the constitution to force washington to balance its books. his administration put out a statement last night saying that the house measure, quote, would set unrealistic spending caps that could result in significant cuts to education, research and development. and other programs critical to growing our economy and winning the future. it could also lead to severe cuts in medicare and social security. but the president may not have a chance to pull out his veto pen on this one.
8:06 am
while it may and is likely to pass, the republican controlled house, it's less likely, perhaps unlikely, to pass the democratically controlled senate. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: before you go, digging into your personal life for just a second, have you ever been been to the marine corps ball that we were just talking about where sergeant ray lewis invited betty white, but she says she can't go? >> i have. i'm a proud marine corps wife of captain chris neagle and i've been to the in a rein corp. ball. it's so fun, so betty white, please reconsider and call in sick that day. >> there you go. >> steve: suddenly justin timberlake is going. >> he's going to the one that we're going to, so i will report back to you. >> brian: wear a wire. >> i'm sure you have a wireless microphone. >> steve: take the one you got in your hand. molly henneberg live at the white house. >> so we've been talking this morning about poll ratings of
8:07 am
what americans think of who is handling the debt debate worse, republican, democrats or the president. today there's a new poll out by usa today and gallup that basically gives both sides very losing marks. >> steve: yeah. here is how it comes down. they say that the president and congress are doing a worst job than their predecessors in dealing with their problems. look at it, about four in ten say they're doing the worst job in their lifetime. it's interesting, about two-thirds of the respondents say republicans and democrats are putting their own political interests ahead of the country. only 7% say they're negotiating in good faith. >> brian: that's what's so interesting, compared to the previous administration, 13% think this administration is doing a better job and this congress is doing a better job on these budget issues. so people look for the good old days when nancy pelosi and george bush were wrestling with each other as opposed to what's
8:08 am
happening right now. >> steve: they were wrestling? >> brian: verbally. >> meanwhile, obviously independents are that coveted group that all politicians want because they are the swing voters that could help decide elections. so how are independents feeling right now about this debt dedate? what do they want? we put together a panel of independents about an hour ago. let's listen to what they had to say. >> i would like them to say that they are listening to each other. i keep hearing when they get a microphone put in front of them about what is the big problem with the other side and i think that we're talking about a negotiation. and negotiation implies the assumption that the two sides are actually listening to each other. >> well, i think both parties participate in a kind of choreographed kabooky where they approach the situation and approach the negotiations from
8:09 am
the vantage points of how can they gain a partisan advantage for the next election. and that's why independents are the largest group of voters in the country. >> i just don't believe the parties are putting forth enough effort to get the job done on the budget so they can get on to other business of the country. >> steve: that's just it. people want this done because there are so many plans floating around and people know there are deadlines, but not everybody is hanging on every detail. we just know that it's confusing and we would like some clarity from washington. >> brian: here is the thing, the independents are the fastest growing segment of the voting sect. so we'll have to see if they become more powerful and if the parties will be ignored more and more because it seems you can counter the right and the left, it's the middle you have to shoot for. i'm not sure what's coming out of the house is going to excite the middle. >> steve: the thing is, you can't get elected to the presidency job unless you wind up with a majority of the independents, the people in the middle. >> today is the vote for the
8:10 am
cut, cap and balance. we'll be bringing that to you as soon as we have anything. >> brian: remember the robo signing controversy, people losing homes for no good reason? it's still legal and still happening. bob massi answering your questions. >> the breast-fed baby is coming to a store. send us your e-mails and tweets. we'll read them later this hour. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ?
8:11 am
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jennifer hudson is our little cousin. jennifer shined a new light on everything. she really inspired me. i said to myself, "if she can do it, i can do it." weight watchers pointsplus makes you slow down and think about the things that you put in your body. on weight watchers, our family and friends have lost over a thousand pounds. i still can't believe it. [ female announcer ] join right now and you can join for a dollar. hurry. offer ends august 6th. [ both ] weight watchers pointsplus. because it works. >> alisyn: they promised they would stop their boobious practice of robo signing, but word is the mortgage giants are
8:14 am
still at it. this is according to a new report, mortgage lenders and major banks continue to fake signatures to speed up foreclosure processes. those practices led to a halt of home foreclosures last year and nearly brought down the housing industry. here with his reaction is fox news legal analyst bob massi. bob, this is a reuters investigation that finds that these robo signings are continuing. how can that be? >> not surprised because there is no consequence so far. they should -- these people as a whole cannot be embarrassed. there are no consequences to them. some attorney generals in this country have filed some lawsuits, but they continue to go on illegally foreclose on people's homes, throw them out on the street like a dog, and they truly don't care. when you talk to lenders, their sense of arrogance is amazing. it's like they get offended whenever i talk and say, how can you say that?
8:15 am
well, the facts speak for themselves, guys. you're throwing people out illegally, you're signing things under penties of perjury that is illegal, and you're so damn arrogant that you really don't care what happens to the homeowners. until the attorney generals in this country and the attorney general of the united states get serious with these lenders, letting them know what they're doing is illegal, they're going to continue to do it because the truth is, they don't care, period. >> alisyn: let's hope that because it's illegal, these attorneys general do crack down on them now that this investigation has revealed it. let's get to e-mails because obviously our viewers need your help. this comes from mary from fort lauderdale, florida. i know i have my obligation to pay my mortgage. however, my problem is not my mortgage, but i cosigned for my son. he is now married and unfortunately getting divorced. now the house is upside down. what could i expect if it's foreclosed on? >> unfortunately, many, many parents have helped their children get in homes over the last several years because of
8:16 am
how expensive homes were in different parts of the country. the problem is that when you cosign for any type of loan, whether it be for your friend or your children, you are equally responsible. if a foreclosure happens on this home, then mom is going to have the same consequence on her credit. there is not much you can do other than try to either save the home, modify the loan, which is a joke, do a short sale and we've talked about many times to try to save a little bit of your credit. otherwise the consequence will be the same to you as it will be to your son. you're joint and severally liable on that note. it's very sad, but that's how it is. >> alisyn: next e-mail is from joe in fort worth, texas. first, thanks, fox, for the shattered dreams segment. it's the perfect name for my situation. bob, i have been given so many different opinions about filing bankruptcy. everyone i listen to has different opinions. how do i know what i should do? >> there is too much of a hustle out there with a lot of commercials on television with
8:17 am
lawyers advertising on we could save your home from bankruptcy, with a bankruptcy, we could do this, we can do that. first of all, it's absolutely true under certain circumstances, bankruptcies absolutely play a very important role on trying to save your home. the best thing you can do is -- this is certainly not a commentary on lawyers that advertise on television because they're allowed to and there is many competent lawyers that do -- but you need to get a couple of different opinions from competent lawyers to where you fit in that grid. should you file chapter 7? should you file chapter 13? don't listen to all these little lawyers running all over the country that are nonlawyers, paralegals and others sometimes that are giving bad legal advice. go to a competent attorney in bankruptcy to get a competent answer to see if you fit that grit. >> alisyn: lawyer ettes. so cute. thanks so much for your advice. i know the viewers appreciate it. log on to e-mail bob your
8:18 am
questions that he will deal with coming up. meanwhile, also, police say that he killed his parents and then he had a party. the sickening story of one very troubled teen. then her great grand daddy was the president of the united states through the great depression. he saw unemployment at 25%. what can we learn from president herbert hoover? we will ask his granddaughter, margaret. she's up next. talk to you in a minute.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> brian: london police commissioner answering questions before a parliament committee right now about his ties to the news of the world phone hacking scandal. up later, news corp. ceo rupert
8:22 am
murr dork, his son -- murdoch, and his son, and rebecca brooks. fox will bring you all the coverage. news international is owned by our parent company, news corp. border agents in california arrested a guy who tried to bring four pounds of meth inside his motorcycle helmet. in a separate incident, they arrested a mexican woman for stuffing meth in her bra. >> alisyn: president obama will be tough to beat for any gop nominee in 2012 if you believe the polls. with a slew of candidates ready to fight his reelection, what will be the key for conservatives in the next race? >> steve: our next guest says it starts with generation next, a group of young americans who can revitalize the republican party. joining us right now is the great granddaughter of president herbert hoover and author of a book called "american individualism," margaret hoover. >> good morning, thank you very much for having me. >> alisyn: great to see you. >> steve: the idea of the new book is you got to go out there
8:23 am
and connect with the young people or else the republican party is toast. >> we have got to connect with the next generation. the next generation, they were born at the beginning of the reagan presidency, end of clinton presidency. they made all the difference for barak obama. partisan identity solidifies after three presidential election cycles. they voted for john kerry, for barak obama, so we've got 16 months as republicans to make in roads before they become independents or democrats for the rest of their lives. >> alisyn: what is the republican party doing wrong that they are not getting these millenials? >> i think what we could do is we're pursuing the right answers. there are 37% unemployed and under employed. they're suffering more from this recession than any other demographic group. i think what we need to do is connect the dots to this generation. every dollar barak obama spends in this administration is a dollar millenial also have to pay back. this is generational staff. this affects them and their fiscal future. >> brian: we watched rudy
8:24 am
guiliani make a statement sunday saying republicans got to do is stay out of the bedroom. he's against same sex marriage, but the decision has been made, leave it to the states. you looked at a similar situation in your book. correct? >> yes. here is what i say. conservatives, i'm with ronald reagan 100% of the way. he, by the way, won the youth vote the first time around brought an entire generation into the republican party. look at our best history, he won by 20 points in 1984. ronald reagan also said, my 80% ally is not my 20% enemy. the republican party cannot stay on the firing squad if we're not all on the same page. it's about getting our fiscal house in order, job, jobs, and in the security. >> steve: let's talk about your great grandfather, herbert hoover, the president of the united states. he is famously known as being the guy who was at the helm when the great depression started. >> that's correct.
8:25 am
he was president when the stock market crashed. he was probably the first example in 20th century history of the politics of personal destruction. >> steve: as soon as the crash happened, first thing he did as president was he cut taxes. >> and he was the most active president. the "new york times" actually said at the end of 1930, nobody could have done more to blunt the effects of the depression and none of his successors who have done better. >> brian: about his background, he's a tremendous success story, he was an orphan, became a millionaire by 40 and saved more lives than maybe anybody else in history. >> thank you so much for saying that. he was a great humanitarian, a master of emergencies. you're exactly right. he saved more humans than any other person in history that we can account for. i appreciate you helping me right his legacy. >> steve: you told us in the commercials one of the reasons why he's tagged with causing the depression is? >> it behooved fdr. the economy was worse than it was under the hoover years.
8:26 am
fdr needed to blame his predecessor in order to stay in office and we see this today, do we not? echoing today, blame bush for everything going on now. >> alisyn: you talk about all this and more in your new book "american individualism." always great to see you. >> thank you very much for having me. >> steve: congratulations. your e-mail pouring in on this. should we be teaching little girls that it's fun to breast-feed? let us know what you think. there is a brand-new little doll out there that simulates that. >> brian: republicans don't run on that issue. >> alisyn: remember what happened during the mid terms? frustrated americans voted out the status quo. has anything changed in washington? we're hitting the streets next to find out what you think. >> brian: we are? 
8:27 am
8:28 am
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♪ hah
8:30 am
>> alisyn: shot of the morning, kids in tulsa, oklahoma, keeping cool in the fountains when temperatures are sweltering. water usage there breaking records. more than 200 million gallons were used there this weekend. >> brian: wow. >> alisyn: what do you think? >> brian: i'm pro-sprinkler. i think they're ageless and timeless. the pilgrims used to use them to cool off. >> alisyn: did they?
8:31 am
>> brian: yeah. steve, you know that, you spoke with the pilgrims. >> steve: miles standish. no, doesn't ring a bell. today should be national run through a sprinkler day because it will be another hot one. let's look at the day ahead weather wise. first of all, mother nature is providing some sprinkling in portions of west virginia at this hour. as you can see, also portions of northwestern virginia and that will continue with a little rumble of thunder through the day. widely scattered showers through portions of the northern plains. temperature wise, next map shows you, as you get up and head out the door on this tuesday, it's already hot and sticky across much of the map. the coolest spots are in the pacific northwest. seattle has 57. montana, 57. san francisco, 57. coincidence? yeah, of course. we do have temperatures in the 60s in portions of new england.
8:32 am
the map people want to see. how hot is it going to be? let me say this. wear something flimsy because it is going to be a hot one. look at that. today raleigh will top out at 96. same as memphis. about the same for kansas city. throughout dixie land and gulf coast and feels like will be north of 100 all across the country. my advice, stay inside and watch cable news. it's good for you and it's cool. but i would not drag the sprinkler in the house because that could cause problems. >> brian: there is a big story in the "new york times" today based on a true story. they say the weather people are being depended on more and more and looked up to and lauded because of today's challenging weather from the typhoons to the hail to the tornadoes. so do you find people look up to you more and more and have a look of worship in their eyes?
8:33 am
>> steve: no. outside of here, people mainly want a dollar. >> alisyn: doesn't look like they're revering you right now, but i'm sure they will momentarily. >> alisyn: let's get to the headlines. a lot of stories to tell you about, including this very disturbing one. this 17-year-old from florida now charged with murdering his parents with a hammer and then throwing a party at his house. police say tyler hadley invited dozens of friends to his home while the bodies of his parents were hidden in a bedroom. police say the son sent invitations on facebook hours before the murders. >> it was a mercyless killing. it was brutal and then the facebook invitation, a party to have your friends and 40 to 60 people come over i think speaks for itself. >> alisyn: police have not revealed his suspected motive for the murders. >> brian: we now have some
8:34 am
insight into osama bin laden's death and how it is affecting al-qaeda strategy. u.s. officials believe new al-qaeda chief will focus on hitting u.s. and western targets overseas, not here. the reason? overseas targets tend to be easier and they have a lot of operatives out there. easy to carry out. >> alisyn: incredible video out of phoenix, arizona. for the second time in two weeks, another giant wall of dust has blanketed the city, creating dangerous driving conditions obviously and delaying several flights. at one point this reached 3,000 feet high, moving close to 40 miles per hour. this storm not as powerful or large as the first one that we saw on july 5. >> brian: two robbers burst into a smoke shop loaded for bear and what they got was paco, the attack chihuahua. >> give me your money! let's go!
8:35 am
>> brian: paco chased the robbers right out of the store. his owner thankful, his fearless friend didn't get hurt. >> when i saw them pointing the gun at paco, it sent a chill down my back. >> brian: the suspect got away with 200 bucks, would have gotten more if they didn't have paco in charge. >> alisyn: they can not be feeling very good about themselves this morning, those thieves. meanwhile, we were telling you today the president has said that he will veto the cut, cap and balance vote, but it is going to be happening today in the house. we asked you if you felt the whole thing was a waste of time. >> brian: when they say cut, they're talking about $100 billion in federal spending. when they talk about setting caps, setting a certain limit on how much you can spend in relation to the gross national product. when you talk about actually balancing, we're talking about a balanced budget amendment that's
8:36 am
got to pass through all the states. steve, when you're out among the people, men, women alike of all different ages and sweating at different parts of their body, what are they saying about this? >> steve: you sure can paint a picture, brian. i have assembled a frank lunz group right here. what do you think of the cut, cap and balance? >> i've been trying to keep up on the daily changes with the budget and default discussion. i hope our country doesn't default. it's more important that we pay our debts and they need to come up with a solution, but as a working mom of two, i'm more concerned about my home budget and taking care of my family. >> steve: you're not the only one. thank you very much, michelle. what's your name? >> diana. >> steve: where you are you from? >> kentucky. >> steve: what do you think of what's going on in washington? they're talking about raising the debt limit. do you feel we got to cap it?
8:37 am
>> he's writing blank checks, obama. he's just writing, writing, writing, and it scares me. i don't know what my daughter is going to have, you know, or her kids are going to have. it's very frightening. >> steve: okay. very good. we've heard the president say there might not be the money in the kitty to write the checks after august 2. >> he seems to, in my opinion, which is how he got elected, he seems to speak very well, but i don't see action. so i don't know what to believe that comes out of his mouth sometimes. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. now let's hear from a man. what's your name? what do you think about what's going on in washington? you think these guys are going to settle it once and for all? >> i think they will, but i think the president needs to realize the tea party freshmen are not going to cave in. they were elected for one reason and that's to cut spending. stop it. you can fund social security and the government, the rest of the stuff you got to chop it out. >> steve: you're confident that
8:38 am
something is going to happen? >> i think it will get done. we reached a tipping point? >> yes. >> steve: very good. i should point out that i've also got a couple of people here who want to talk about your next topic which is the breast-feeding doll. >> alisyn: we'll set it up and they can chime in. here is the deal. in spain, there is a new toy and it helps kids simulate breast-feeding. so the little girl puts on a little apron there and then you hold the doll up to the chest region and the doll makes sucking noises. we had guests on that debated this. dr. ablow thinks this is ridiculous and destructive, he said, and our mommy blogger jessica, said what's the problem? kids do this all the time. >> brian: i don't believe you. i'd like to hear them say that. >> it's beyond ridiculous, it's destructive. this is another way of turning little girls into adults. it blurs the boundary between
8:39 am
children and adults in society. it contributes to the sexualization of children and it makes them targets of assailant, frankly. >> children pretend to do what their parents do. part of normal development for children is that they emulate their parents. little girls and little boys watch their mothers feed babies and then they try and pretend to feed babies. >> brian: it's a compelling debate. i'll give you an idea. i know steve you got to talk to somebody. john wrote, i agree with dr. ablow. it is just another gimmick toy for children in the name of profit. our children have a difficult time already remaining young and innocent in the culture we live. please let little girls be little girls. >> alisyn: here is a tweet. this says, anyone who views breast-feeding as sexual has a serious problem. a little girl pretending to breast-feed a doll is nurturing. that is from runway. >> brian: what about those twitter followers you have next to you?
8:40 am
>> steve: you're not on twitter right now. you're actually here live. right? >> yes. >> steve: okay. good. this is mary along with her daughter. mary, what do you think about the breast-feeding doll? >> i think it's a bit much. i think kids at that age, they don't care about the anatomy. they're going to learn about that soon enough. they just want to play with the doll. it's okay maybe if a child has seen their mother breast-feeding and they have a question about it, but we have to show that that early? >> steve: when they put that bib thing on that has the... . >> i don't know. >> steve: it's a little awkward to talk about with your daughter. well, she's 14. but it would have been weird, you know, when you were a little girl, i think. there is nothing wrong with breast-feeding. >> steve: do you think it would be weird as a little girl? >> yeah. it would be really weird. >> steve: you know what? we're all a little weirded out by it, brian. >> brian: brian and ali. don't just toss back to me.
8:41 am
it's tough for guys to weigh in on breast-feeding. >> steve: that's why i got the two ladies here. >> brian: good luck with the small talk after we take it back >> steve: thank you. >> alisyn: thanks, steve. thanks to your guests. casey anthony may have won her freedom, but can she free herself from the lawsuits that are piling up? and can taxpayers get back the money spent on searching for her daughter? peter johnson, jr. is going to weigh in on that next. >> brian: and this is what happened last time we had a snake in the studio. the snake is back. stick around. we didn't survive this. >> alisyn: you barely survived.
8:42 am
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>> steve: some think she may have beaten a murder charge. but california bounty hunter says he will sue her and her defense attorney for misleading him when he searched for her two-year-old daughter, caylee, in 2008. his lawsuit is just the latest in a growing number of legal claims. joining us, peter johnson, jr. >> casey anthony is missing the death penalty ask -- and life in prison, but now facing a whole bunch of lawsuits. the bounty hunter, a volunteer, someone who also pledged money for bail, now says he wants money back because he was misled as to what was going on. so it will be argued by casey anthony's attorney, mr. baez that he's a volunteer and not entitled to anything.
8:46 am
there's a man named david badali, a volunteer diver who says he was sent into the crocodile or alligator-infested waters down there and we have the zoo folks who will tell me whether their crocodiles or alligators and said he was subjected to hazards as a result of it. then texas equusearch, they said, we went down there and brought thousands of volunteers to it, cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. we want our money back. >> steve: let me ask you this: i know that had she been convicted of murder, she would not be able to stand to profit from it. there are these stories she may be up for a book deal because she was convicted of lying and it's the lying that misled these people to go search. it would seem like they would have a pretty good case. >> they may have a case. there may be a case for defamation, the so-called nanny that was not the nanny, a woman who didn't know casey anthony allegedly, is suing for defamation. everybody is at the trough because everybody says, well, we
8:47 am
believe that justice should be served for caylee, but also we see that perhaps there is going to be money that she will, in fact, be getting going forward. so we'd like a piece of that. so it's difficult to talk about because you have the alpacas in the studio that seem to be communicating to us. >> steve: they're making some noise. >> it's called a click or klack. >> brian: they're not happy with the segment. >> steve: finally? >> and finally, in summation, these lawsuits will go forward. the defense will be that they were volunteers and that they're not entitled to money. they're saying they were misled and they were fraud. the real story that we'll follow up on tomorrow is, is orange county and the state of florida paying now to protect casey anthony? are tax dollars still going to protect her based on perhaps
8:48 am
credible threats? does the obligation of the taxpayer end in this particular case? and we'll meet the two alpacas. >> steve: thank you so much. all right. not all of us do well with wild animals. peter johnson, exhibit a. >> i like that. >> steve: today we've got a whole lot more than one slippery fish in the studios. remember that? yeah, that didn't work. we've got all sorts of critters in here. speaking of wild kingdom, let's check in with bill hem tore find out what happens in 11 minutes. >> that is don't miss tv, right? >> steve: yeah. >> we have a significant day for the parent company of the fox news channel. news corp. chairman chairman appears before a committee in london. now, state side, house republicans ready to bring down the hammer on a balanced budget amendment. we await that vote this morning.
8:49 am
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>> alisyn: fox news alert. we begin with a major mess in ohio. roads are closed there this morning. homes are flooded and the power is completely out for tens of thousands of families .
8:53 am
>> steve: send up bruce willis. any time there is an animal on the set, we're usually prepared to run, especially if brian is involved. remember all this? check it out. >> brian: good job. >> alisyn: that was some of my screams you heard in the background. me shrieking. this is no different today because this is national zoo keeper week. we're joined by some very special wild friends and the director of the turtle back zoo, dr. jeremy goodwin. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> alisyn: so this is a boa constrictor. brian just learned that it still has teeth. >> absolutely. >> brian: i looked at the card, we didn't get any of that in the preinterview. why would you keep his teeth in? >> zoos, we really take the best possible care. all of our keepers do. it's natural for animals to have
8:54 am
their teeth and all of our animals have them. >> alisyn: what can this do to brian right now? n this is a constrictor, so they kill by constricting and suffocating. >> steve: so we would have to wrap it around him to start with. do snakes watch television? could that boa possibly have seen what brian did to the other snake? >> the alpaca in the green room were fixated on the tv though. >> brian: they don't like legal segments. but the way this boa would get you is he would squeeze you to death and the way you would stop that from happening, you feel as though you could rip him off of us. >> right. whenever we work with large snakes, we have a lot of the qualified keepers and they are actually trained to know how to get an animal unraveled. >> steve: unwind him. speaking of the moaning, why are the two making that racket? >> that is a little bit of a stress call from an alpaca.
8:55 am
>> steve: put it in the cooler. >> these are two alpaca on our farm at the zoo and they kind of him when they're in a strange situation, in a different place, like a studio, which is not the normal habitat. >> alisyn: this one has been eyeing us, i find, suspiciously. and those are his teeth sticking out. right? >> right. he's got a little bit of a buck tooth there. he's fine. >> alisyn: does he bite? >> any animal with a mouth can bite. but ours on the farm are tame. >> steve: they're adorable. where is the penguin? is it handy? >> we have our alligator out. this is a baby american alligator. >> steve: crocodiles are rare, but there are a lot of alligators. >> they're a great conservation story. they used to be in danger. but thanks to laws put in to protect them, they've really made a great comeback.
8:56 am
>> alisyn: how big can this thing get? >> adult alligators at the zoo is 12 feet long, couple hundred pounds. but something like this, eats a couple times a week. >> steve: he's got nice sharp teeth. >> they keep an eye on you. >> steve: he's reading the prompter. can you stick around a couple more minutes? >> absolutely. >> steve: penguins and so much more as "fox & friends" rolls around from new york city.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> alisyn: tomorrow we have a great show for you. grammy award winning singer, john legend, dick morris and dave ramsey will be here. >> brian: the other two guys don't sing. >> steve: yeah. but maybe they will. also we'll talk about the penguin and that bird, what is it? find out in the after the show show. see you tomorrow.

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